Back Catalogue will be updated every week with new items. This online emporium features barely an iceberg tip of the obsolete, old-fashioned and otherwise must-have clutter that will be available before too long in glossy bumper Back Catalogue format.

The Back Catalogue staff sincerely hope this old shite makes you feel giddy with hopeless yearning, greed, lust and envy, just like the Kay’s/Grattan/Trafford catalogue did in [insert personal Golden Era here].

back catalogue dot blog - comedy nostalgia 60s 70s 80s 90s

Slip away into a treasure trove of toys and tech, fashions and flavours.

Bring the magic of the 60s (70s 80s 90s) back into your life – today!

Do you dream of the simple pleasures of a 60s childhood? Do you yearn to return to the golden era of gadgets and groovy gear – when love was free and beer was tuppence a pint?

Pore over the pages of your very own Back Catalogue and it’ll instantly take you back. Authentic analogue catalogue technology brings you irresistible pictures of stuff and descriptions that make you want it all the more. Because everything used to be better in the past.

Take a break from the 21st century in a sunnier, sexier, more innocent place. Escape into rose-tinted memories of optimism and sadistic killer spies. Bring the magic of the 60s back into your life – today!

back catalogue dot blog - comedy nostalgia 60s 70s 80s 90s

Derek Hammond spends far too many hours of every day in a rose-tinted fantasy of a perfect past – daydreaming, collecting, reminiscing with people he doesn’t know on Facebook – while somehow managing to keep up appearances as a furiously modern writer and author.

Got, Not Got was runner-up in Football Book of the Year in 2012.





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