The Cape Crusade

Back in the ’60s, all kinds of with-it people wore all kinds of with-it capes:

  • James Brown the Godfather of Soul (gold lamé)
  • Magicians (starry, like wizards)
  • Batman (long and silky) and Robin (only allowed to wear a short one down to his bottom)
  • George Harrison on the cover of Help! (mod mini cape)
  • Christopher Lee as Dracula (red lining)
  • Guy Fawkes (on the Standard Fireworks logo)
  • Arch rivals Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper
  • Good old-fashioned bobbies on the beat
  • Plus we mustn’t forget the very topical and voguish Cape Kennedy

If everyone goes out and gets a cape, perhaps we will start off a cool fashion trend.

batman2 a&bc back catalogue blog
You can jump off a tall building in a cape – or rescue those who have attempted to do so capeless.
Best avoid embarrassing fashion clashes with fellow cape adopters.


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