A robot to do all of your work

It was brilliant news when robots started taking all the boring factory jobs in the ’80s. Now all we had to do was put our feet up and relax and let our little tin slaves wait on us hand on foot.

Fetch me a piece of paper and a pencil! Then I’ll record my grocery list and you can trundle down to KwikSave! But first deliver me a nice cup of tea on your tray because I’m busy watching Brookside!

As soon as unemployment reached 51%, probably some time around 1989, then everybody would vote for the wages earned by the robots to be shared out equally. Happy days.

chatbot box - backcatalogue comedy nostalgia 1980s
Chatbot’s cassette-like face can record your messages and even play them back. A bit like a cassette.
chatbot back catalogue comedy nostalgia 80s - chatbot robot toy tomy
Coming soon: The Tomorrow’s World book from 1970 tells us what we can look forward to in the 1980s and beyond. There are plenty of robots.

4 thoughts on “A robot to do all of your work

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  1. Very cool robot and advertising! I bet when they said “He speeds forward by remote control” he actually went less than 1 MPH, got his wheel cogs jammed in bits of fluff on the carpet, and could only perform his “About face” trick when you hurled the remote control console at him in exasperation. Then he would record you saying: “You useless tin buffoon!” and play it on loop for hours forcing you to remove the batteries.

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    1. Thanks VTA! Not long now til this thing opens for business. Maybe I could do a bit on your enviable 6 million dollar man/Bionic woman lifestyle accessories? They look great. Of course, I’d add a link to your site…


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