Survive the millennium in style

At 00:00:01 on 01.01.00 in the Year 2000, the Millennium Bug will strike. Security systems will all go down and anarchy will ensue. There will be crowds in the street letting off fireworks, shouting and eating foreign food. Safe in their booby-trapped bunkers, survivalists will later emerge to rule.

All of these small-ad accessories from 1991 are still sorely tempting today, despite the fact that the world is still going.

  • Knit your own DIY camouflage combat smock so you can lie undetected on your front lawn
  • An unbreakable mirror for signalling to rescue helicopters and combing your hair
  • Spray-on sex appeal so you can restart the species
  • Night-vision goggles so you do not wake the missus when you get up in the night for a wee

Four quid the bundle.

Survivalist magazine 1991 - back catalogue nostalgia
Ricky Gervaise tests out his secret pistol. Sadly this is no longer available because the KGB asked for it back.

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