The belted sleeveless tunic: the time is now

Many a dapper man secretly harbours misty watercolour memories of the 1970s – memories of looking forward to a utopian future when a belted sleeveless tunic would finally take its place in his wardrobe.

The belted sleeveless tunic is snug but cool, practical for the outdoorsman yet eminently clubbable sported in combo with collar and tie. Ironically it has always appeared too far ahead of fashion for its own good. The sort of thing extras would be given to wear in UFO.*

If you are a hipster, bear in mind that only three years ago a few people were still scornful of big beards and cornflake restaurants.

belted sleeveless tunic - back catalogue nostalgia
The child with the ‘aubergine battledress-style wet-look jacket’ is gazing in envious frustration at his colleague with the ‘sleeveless fashion suit for the modern young man’. He is upset because he only got to wear the trousers.
belted sleeveless tunic - groovy gear for movers 'n shakers
* An early adopter longs for 1980, when UFO (1970) was set. Then his so-called mates would eat their words regarding the chunky-knit belted sleeveless tunic.

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