Popmobility headbands & legwarmers

Do you wish you were slim again and full of sexy vitality? Do you yearn to rediscover the ‘classic’ you? Now you can get retro-fit like they did in the 80s, with popmobility.

All you need to make a start is an authentic vintage headband and legwarmer set.* Next, put on an LP by the Green Goddess or TV newsreader Angela Rippon, and simply wait for the pounds to disappear.**

Slip into your aerobics gear and you will soon look like and feel like Olivia Newton-John in her Physical video. You will have a sweaty head and warm legs.

lucky 1980s aerobics troll - back catalogue nostalgia
* Back Catalogue lucky troll headband and legwarmer set just £79.99. One size fits all, as worn by Rambo and Mark Knopfler.
** Back Catalogue vintage vinyl just £39.99. Or get the VHS video (£49.99) if you are worried about making the needle jump when you are bopping around.

Lucky aerobics troll - backcatalogue.blog





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