The ultimate precision fitness aid

The first thing you notice is the futuristic rainbow-style 24-hour clockface. Then the suspiciously long strap. Although it is apparently now midday, 3 o’clock is rather unspecifically somewhere between 3 and 3 1/2 hours away…

Is this a watch for West German bodybuilders with big wrists? Or for men who do not mind being late for kick-off? The word MILES gives you a clue, along with the big sticker on the case.

Simply strap this ingenious mileage counter round your ankle and it will tell you how far you have to jog or hike to West Germany. Or perhaps it is giving a reading to the nearest West German restaurant.*

fitbit original back catalogue stuff from the 1970s that you need today nostalgia
The Shitbit.
pedometer vintage back catalogue nostalgia
* As you can see, the Back Catalogue warehouse is approximately half a mile from McDonalds.

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