London on £1 a Day

Follow a Back Catalogue guidebook around Olde London Town. Explore forgotten avenues and alleyways. Visit quaint Victorian taverns and rub shoulders with authentic Cockney rogues over a taster pot of traditional craft ale.

Half close your eyes and you could almost be back in Soho’s heyday – there is Twiggy with the Kray twins and young Sir Cliff! – or even in Docklands with its legendary docks and fog.

But beware of locals who may misunderstand your nostalgic tactics and ask if they can help because they think you are crying.

alternative london - back catalogue blog comedy nostalgia
Inside tips for hippies and wasters. “Short wigs to cover long hair cost £2.60 from Nathans, 143 Drury Lane, WC2.”
sordid side of london town - back catalogue blog comedy nostalgia
The London guide for optimistic American businessmen. “Want a little zip in your trip? It’s easy in London if you know the ‘right’ people who swing in the ‘wrong’ places.”
london unexpurgated - back catalogue dot blog - stuff from the 60s that you need today
“‘Where it’s at’ guide to clubs, pubs and discotheques. The places to fake it and make it with gorgeous dollies.”
london and the single girl - backcatalogue blog comedy nostalgia
Betty James, back again with a welcome change from ‘£1 a Day’. Tuppence. There are lots more Back Catalogue guidebooks to follow around Britain. We’ll open some up soon…


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