Sunny Delight – it’s back

No other flavour whisks you back to the 90s like the luminous tang of a billion melted orange lollies.

They had to keep Sunny Delight in the fridge in shops, to preserve its rich blend of fruit juice, vitamins, minerals and corn starch. Then, one sad day, they took it out of the fridge and also removed the ‘Delight’ from its name purely on a technicality.

Grown-ups started rumours. Too much Sunny Delight turns you yellow like the snowman in the adverts. Sunny Delight is addictive, long term. The preservatives in Sunny Delight mean you can drink old stock 20 years past its sell-by date. Just £200 per bottle.

sunny delight old stocks available £200 per bottle illegal addictive - back catalogue blog comedy nostalgia
Good shit.



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