The immobile phone

Do you remember the simple thrill of having to stand in one place when you were on the telephone? Before the arrival of intrusive use-anywhere models, you actually had to run and answer a call – “Coalport 1234!”

Red phone boxes were even cooler, parked inconveniently on the pavement down by the parade of shops. It was magical when you found 2p in the coin return. And do you remember waiting for the pips?

Looking back, there is certainly no need for shame if your family was one of the last in the street that still had to queue. Make up for lost time – get an immobile phone today.

immobile phone back catalogue blog off the hook
Do you remember using your finger to dial somebody up? Do you remember taking the phone off the hook to pretend you were popular or hard at work?
immobile phone back catalogue blog comedy nostalgia and anthony hopkins psycho
A dream date for this 60s ‘girl next door’ – Anthony ‘Psycho’ Perkins invites her round for a snuggly night in.Β 
immobile phone dialpad and telephone lock back catalogue blog
Do you remember telephone locks? Do you remember pop-up phone directories? Do you remember Ken Dodd getting his arse-clenching singing in the charts? Did that really happen?

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  1. In the early 90s, in the street outside our flat, was a telephone box. Not a red one, more a silver kiosk thing. We began to notice queues of people lining up outside of it to use it. Why the surge in everyone making telephone calls, we wondered.This went on for the whole weekend, and when we asked around we learned that the phone had developed a fault and was giving out free calls without the need to insert money. British Telecom’s free gift to our neighbourhood lasted until about mid-week before the company twigged and sent an engineer to fix the fault. I remember calling my Mum and telling her the call was costing me absolutely nothing πŸ™‚

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