Go for gold – with a 1992 Olympic medal

In 1992 Birmingham cast off its ‘Second City’ image and reinvented itself as a cosmopolitan hub of sport, culture and cuisine to rival Barcelona.

The NEC would host most events, while the boating lake next to Spaghetti Junction made a perfect venue for the rowing and swimming.

The bid team successfully managed to mention  former resident Ozzy Osbourne and the iconic HP Sauce factory in Aston. At Mister Egg, the exclusively egg-based restaurant on Hurst Street, you could Eat Like a King for Under a Pound. If you liked eggs.

Birmingham 1992 gold medal
Wear a Birmingham Olympics gold medal on your lapel and you will become newly fascinating to the opposite sex.
birmingham olympics 1992
Unfortunately your medal will only work to full effect in Birmingham.

2 thoughts on “Go for gold – with a 1992 Olympic medal

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  1. Lol. But where is the pic of King Kong on the Rotunda? As an ex pat Brummie I can attest that you really could eat like a king at Mister Egg for under a quid! Attached to the ceiling I remember there was this giant egg decoration, somewhat nicotine and grease stained, to remind you that you were sitting in the kingdom of egg!


    1. It all went wrong when they had to update their strapline a few years later – Eat like a King for Around a Pound. That’s just not got the same attraction, whether you were an omelette or scrambled kind of person.

      I’m jealous of some of your toys!

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