Your name here! with Dymo tape, Letraset and John Bull

Before the computer age, it was a huge thrill to see your name in print. Most people only managed it three times in their lives – when they were hatched, matched and dispatched. Technically, that’s just two times.

The John Bull Printing Outfit was a godsend, enabling people without typewriters to print their name as much as they liked – maybe even to start a fanzine or a debut novel. Letraset’s rub-off letters are still great for headlines and fancy chapter titles.

This 1977 vintage Dymo tape machine can be used to make name labels to make sure no one steals your school geography textbook. Or your Dymo tape machine.

dymo tape - back catalogue stuff that takes you back to the 1970s

john bull printing outfit - back catalogue cool stuff from the 70s

letraset back catalogue stuff from the 70s nostalgia comedy
Letraset was brilliant.
your name here - back catalogue 70s nostalgia
Until you ran out of big Rs.


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