Tattoos v badges

It’s the age-old question. How to let everybody else know that you like really cool stuff?

  • Tattoos  Today, practically everybody has got a full sleeve of tattoos or a message on their back for special friends. But back in the Golden Age of Inking a tat meant you were part of an exclusive scene – most likely a pirate or a lady in a circus sideshow.
  • Badges were once the most popular way to display our personal enthusiasms. This was sensible because it meant you’d never need to undergo seven hours of laser surgery to reclaim your thigh, several decades after you eventually weaned yourself off Henry out of Neighbours.
  • Action Transfers provided another mega option for anybody caught in two minds – for example, if you were a massive fan of Andrew Ridgeley or top darter Eric Bristow, but not enough to commit an arm or a leg long-term.

The age-old answer: It’s clear that the girl in this picture has some great memories of Safeway. But, for any nostalgic purist, the best way to show your feelings for your favourite ’80s supermarket is still with a tasteful logo just above the ankle.

The Smiths badges 1980s
Maybe in the ’80s Ghostbusting was a witty euphemism. Nowadays people are a bit more sniffy about wearing badges about wiping their arse.
Wham removable tattoos - George Michael - nostalgia 80s
This should have been a picture of Wham! transfers all up the arms of the girl with the badges. But unfortunately they had gone all sticky at some point during the 1990s.




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